Jul 142014

Titan Ready USA HERCulean Giveaway - Win a HERC (Home Emergency Radiant Cooking) oven or a Hydrant Water Storage System, ready to load with 100 gallons of emergency water storage.

The Prepared Bloggers are always looking for ways to help our loyal readers be prepared for the unexpected. We are so grateful to team up with Titan Ready USA for this fabulous giveaway. We all know we need water, and we need a way to cook our meals. These units are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to being properly prepared. We will have four winners in this giveaway. One winner will win one of the following items listed below. The giveaway starts July 14th, 2014 @12:15 am (CST) and ends July 21st, 2014 @ 11:55 pm (CST). This giveaway is open to anyone 18 years of age and older who is a resident of the USA. This giveaway is open to residents of the 48 Continental US States only. Each winner will be sent an email and the winner must respond within 24 hours or another one winner will be chosen. We are so excited for this giveaway! Who couldn’t use these awesome items?!

Titan Ready USA HERCulean Giveaway

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May 232014

What's causing the food price increases, and what steps you can take to stretch your food dollars in the months to come.

It’s hard to step foot into a grocery store and not notice the rising food prices.  Packages are getting smaller, too, as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you use any older recipes that include any sort of boxed or canned item as a component.  USA Today reported in “Rising Food Prices Pinch Consumers” that, “Retail food prices rose 0.4% in March, the same as in February and the largest amount since September 2011. By comparison, the prices of all consumer goods rose 0.2% in March and 0.1% the month before, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”  Some items have risen over 50% in cost over the last four years.  In this post we’ll look at what’s causing the food price increases, and what steps you can take to stretch your food dollars in the months to come. Continue reading »

Feb 082014

Preparedness Basics - Simple steps to be ready for stressful times. Make better decisions, have more options and possibly save yourself some money.

You have that nagging feeling you aren’t prepared – but you don’t know what to do, where to start, or maybe even what to prepare for. Take a deep breath and think what caused you to start thinking about getting prepared. Worrying can wear you out and freeze you into inaction. The best remedy is to take action.

Think through what the real risks are for you.  Start with the most likely event first, and prepare for that.  In this post we’ll discuss the preparedness basics that everyone should cover. Continue reading »

Jan 132014

Living Ready Pocket Manual - First Aid Fundamentals for Survival - Review and Giveaway

Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid Fundamentals for Survival” is a new book by James Hubbard, M.D., M.P.H., aka The Survival Doctor.  You may remember my reviews of the Survival Doctor e-books, “The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds” and “The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns”.  Now Dr. Hubbard has come out with a brand new, extremely practical addition to every home library and preparedness kit.

What’s in “Living Ready Pocket Manual – First Aid Fundamentals for Survival”?

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Jan 082014

Winter Storm Survival - Keeping You and Your Home Warm When the Power Goes Out

It’s winter, you always *planned* to get supplies if the power went out.  Now it’s below zero and the power just failed. What do you do when a winter storm leaves you without power?  This post contains ideas for winter storm survival while sheltering in your home, but many of the ideas could be adapted for elsewhere, especially the section on cold weather clothing.

Plan NOW instead of trying to remember all this when you are freezing and the power is out.

Keeping the House Warm Without Power

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