Getting Started Homesteading


Getting Started Homesteading - Articles for Beginners Featuring Homesteading Basics

What is Homesteading?

I define homesteading as “working to be more self-reliant, wherever you are”.  “Common Sense Homesteading” is all about “using sound judgment to be more self-reliant”.

We’ve built a library of “Getting Started Homesteading” posts to help you become more self-reliant.  We’ll talk about food production and storage, natural health, recipes, preparedness and other skills that may be handy.

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General Homesteading

Become More Self-Reliant – Start Here

If You Only Get One Homesteading Book, This Should Be It


New to Gardening – Start Here – Tips for Beginners

Getting Started with Herb Gardening

Getting Started Vermicomposting – Raising Worms

Food Preservation/Preparation

New to Food Preserving – Start Here

Getting Started With Home Canning

Getting Started with Home Food Drying

Getting Started with Solar Cooking

Root Cellars 101

Getting Started with a Home Grain Mill

Animal Husbandry

Introduction to Aquaponics: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together

Top 7 Tips for First time Chicken Owners

How to Raise Chickens Cheaply – Tips for Raising Chickens on a Budget

Homestead Geese – Easy to Care for Barnyard Protectors and Weed Eaters

Getting Started with Homestead Goats – choosing the right breed, basic goat care (food, water, shelter and fencing), additional goat resources

Keeping Homestead Dairy Goats – What age dairy goat should you get? Breeding your dairy goat, Basic pregnancy Care, Kids and Weaning, Basic milking procedures and milk handling.

Homestead Rabbits – Getting Started and Finding the Right Breed

Getting Started Beekeeping


Cooking With Cast Iron—How And Why To Get Started

How to Make Maple Syrup

Getting Started with Wood Heat – 5 Things You Should Know

How to Build a Burn Barrel – Burn Trash Safely

Getting Started with Essential Oils – Address Commons Ailments with Natural Solutions

Getting Started with Firearms – Part One

Getting Started with Firearms – Part Two

Involving Young Children in Homesteading

Still not sure how to get started homesteading?

Buy Your Custom Homestead

Jill from The Prairie Homestead has a new e-book, Your Custom Homestead, designed to walk you through basic homestead planning step by step.  Click here or on the image at left to view a free sample chapter and/or purchase the book.


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  40 Responses to “Getting Started Homesteading”

  1. I love this site!!!!!!!!!! I am excited to find a place to go for the things I have been trying to learn. I wish to be more self sufficient and look forward to reading and trying new things here. Thank you.
    Anne Barnett

  2. Just found your site today. I love it! Can’t wait to read more.

  3. [...] self-reliant, emphasizing home food production. Skip to content HomeAbout/BioAffiliatesGardeningGetting Started HomesteadingHomestead LibraryNatural HealthPreparednessRecipesResourcesWildcrafting/Weekly Weeder [...]

  4. [...] self-reliant, emphasizing home food production. Skip to content HomeAbout/BioAffiliatesGardeningGetting Started HomesteadingHomestead LibraryNatural HealthPreparednessRecipesResourcesWildcrafting/Weekly Weeder [...]

  5. Hello! We are so fortunate to have some things in place but I am struggling with getting us “ready” to make the big move. My husband works(and we live) in Fl right now but we are also purchasing owner-financed a home and 12 acres in Tn. Our budget currently allows this but we are so tight for anything else, i really need advice on how to slim down and store up. Should we decide to cut our ties here and go “whole hog” into our homestead where do we begin? Is it advisable to do this and cash in our 401k or sit tight until retirement in 7 yrs.?
    Any advice will be welcomed and discussed
    Thanks Laurie H.

  6. Hi Laura..
    Just came across your site when doing a search for Kombucha. You have a GREAT site!!!.. Have alot to read and meditate on as you have much info available. Thanks… Question, on the page about flavoring Kombucha, you have several grolsch style bottles with the flip tops. Do you have a source for buying them. Keep up the good work.

    • Jo-Ann,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. As for the grolsh style bottles, I picked mine up at a local home brewing store. Their website is currently down, otherwise I’d link. You may be able to find something similar in your area. Otherwise, Cultures for Health does sell them, or you can find them on Amazon or other online retailers.

  7. What are the best growing lights to use for indoor plants? I’m looking for lights that are non hazardous to the environment and the people. Thank you.

    • Kathi – I haven’t looked into this, and haven’t seen anything on it. I do know that there are daylight spectrum LEDs available, and they are very bright for the wattage, but expensive.

  8. Hi, I love the information on your site. I have a question I was wondering if you could help me out with. We recently purchased a 6 acre property with 4 different wells. All the wells have manual access, BUT my issue is that the water to the house has a sulfurous content. We are not sure yet if all the wells are the same, but can only assume. My question is if it is safe for consumption? (Human & animal.) We plan on getting ALL the wells tested to determine the exact content, but thought maybe you could give us a heads-up until then. Right now we are using a 5-gallon Absopure dispenser for cooking and drinking. Thanks, and again, cool site :-)

    • Sulfur on its own is generally not a problem – our well water stinks like rotten eggs, but is perfectly safe to drink. A well test is a very good idea, as many country wells are now contaminated with various pollutants, especially on older properties with more shallow wells. In our area nitrates are a big concern, due to so many large dairy farms. :(

  9. Love your site, so many of your articles are helping me whip my garden into shape!

  10. Well I just love your site I stumbled across. I’m so excited to go through it a little more thoroughly for more information on the subjects I’m interested in, which honestly is pretty much everything you’ve posted about. Let me rephrase that, go through the subjects I can actually use at the moment since I’m an inner city homestead wanna be at the moment.

    Thank you for sharing all your information.

  11. I just wanted to say thank you. You’ve pulled together information on things i’m researching because a few friends of mine and I are in the research/planning stage of homesteading. We’re probably putting the wagon before the horse since we don’t have the property yet but we want to be prepared for what we’re getting ourselves into and this site has become a reference point for us.

    • There are a ton of things you can do to be more self-sufficient, no matter where you are, like cooking from scratch and using home remedies and homemade cleaning products. If you start with small things now, that’s less you have to worry about when/if you do get more land. Good luck on your journey, and thank you for taking time to leave a positive comment.

  12. I hope you could do me a favor and share our dream! We’re not lazy (can’t be working a homestead) but we’re like a lot of america living check to check!

  13. I would like to receive emails from ya’ll

  14. Cool site!

  15. I found this site last night when I couldn’t sleep because I’m excited for our future homesteading adventure (we saw a 20 acre farm last night and it’s perfect for what we need). We grow mushrooms as our business and one book that has been great for us is by:
    Stamets, Paul. Mycelium Running. New York: Ten Speed Press, 2005. Print.
    It’s a great book for mushrooms, not just for eating but other uses around the farm. He has a TEDTalks video on YouTube that kind of outlines the whole book as well, “Paul Stamets: 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World”… Just thought I would share with you all. Love your site and learning so much, Thanks! <3

    • I’ve watched Paul Stamets TED talk and it was excellent! I haven’t read his book yet as I’m the only mushroom lover in the family, but I think his work with mycoremediation is wonderful.

      Welcome to the site.

  16. What a great resource! So glad I happened upon your site!

  17. How about a general list of things you should think of ,about, when thinking of homesteading .maybe a general list of d-i-y-s for all the categories like composting and where you can find information about it, or dealing with bugs and natural or non toxic ways to rid your self of them. Think these topics would be big helps, thanks.

  18. Great site! I love anything to do with homesteading. My sister and I just started blogging about lots of those sorts of things too! We’re at Keep up the good work. :)

  19. How can I motivate my husband into homesteading? He keeps procrastination about the whole idea. I feel it is an urgent need to get started. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Get started without him. If he’s like most men I know, he’ll either get curious and start investigating, or he’ll feel the need to jump in and tell you how you are doing something wrong. Taking on a task that’s obviously way too much for you may help motivate him. Cooking him a stunningly good homecooked meal also earns points. Both my husband and two boys prefer the taste of homemade just about everything at this point, and will work to get what they want to eat because they know the end result is worth it.

  20. Just discovered your site and know it’s going to become a favorite. Already have learned much to help improve my garden. Thank you and God bless you

  21. I am new to gardening but would like to setup one in my yard. it will have to be a container garden since i do not have much space for planting in the ground and the soil quality is not very good.
    therefore i need all the advice i can get to start. it will also contribute to my eating healthy since most of our product are not organic. am looking forward to a reply.
    thanks for the help

  22. Hi my family and I are going to be picking our acreage from Homestead crossing in a couple of months. We have a three year old and 18 month old. The land we are looking at is in Missouri. Do you know about any resources in the area around Salem or Jadwin? We do not have much for money at all and will have to start everything in September or October. Please any help will be appreciated. With two small kids, its the best and worst time to start doing this.

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