Sep 272012

Wild Cucumber @ Common Sense Homesteading

Today’s featured plant is Wild Cucumber, Echinocystis lobata.

Wild cucumber is also known as Balsam Apple, Prickly Cucumber, Wild Balsam Apple, Wild Mock Cucumber and Lace Pants.  The term “lace pants” comes from the appearance of the dried fruit.

Lace pants - wild cucumber

Lace pattern starting to show on dried wild cucumber fruit

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Sep 202012

Health Aster -  Weekly Weeder #36 @ Common Sense Homesteading

Today’s featured plant is Heath Aster, Aster ericoides.

Heath aster is also known as White Aster, Awl-aster, Subulate-bracted Aster, Hairy Aster, Soft Aster, Squarrose White Aster, White Prairie Aster, Heath White Aster, Many-flowered Aster, and Tufted White Prairie  Aster. shares, “Heath aster is also known as farewell-to-summer and goodbye-meadow, first because it ushers in the fall and second because it tends to take over a field.” Given how it has spread in our wild prairie area, I would believe this.

 heath aster filled meadow

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Sep 122012

Joe Pye Weed Weekly Weeder @ Common Sense Homesteading

Today’s featured plant is Joe Pye weed, Eupatorium maculatum.

Joe Pye weed is also known as Spotted Joe Pye Weed, spotted trumpet weed and Eupatoriadelphus maculatus var. maculatus .  It is one of several species of Joe Pye weed found in Wisconsin, which take their names from a medicine man named Joe Pye who used it to cure typhus in New England in 1818 (source).

Range and Identification of Joe Pye Weed

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Sep 052012

Common yarrow, Achillea millefolium - range and identification, wildlife uses, medicinal uses. Wildcrafting Wednesday homesteading and herbal blog hop.

Today’s featured plant is Common Yarrow, Achillea millefolium.

Common yarrow is also known as yarrow, milfoil, Old Man’s Pepper, Soldier’s Woundwort, Knight’s Milfoil, Herbe Militaris, Thousand Weed, Nose Bleed, Carpenter’s Weed, Bloodwort, Staunchweed, Sanguinary, Devil’s Nettle, Devil’s Plaything, Bad Man’s Plaything, and Yarroway. (From A Modern Herbal)

Range and Identification of Common Yarrow

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